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Hotels in Rome


1829 Accommodations in Rome

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Hotel Smooth Rome Termini Stars

Rome 651 m from city centre Score: 4.5 / 5 167 reviews
from 37

Hotel Roma Tor Vergata Stars

Rome 11.9 km from city centre Score: 3 / 5 412 reviews
from 13

Hotel De Petris Stars

Rome 666 m from city centre Score: 4 / 5 1316 reviews
from 25

Hotel Camelia Stars

Rome 541 m from city centre Score: 4.5 / 5 782 reviews
from 27

Hotel Madison Stars

Rome 645 m from city centre Score: 3 / 5 713 reviews
from 24

Hotel Augustus Stars

Rome 818 m from city centre Score: 3.5 / 5 97 reviews
from 20

Hotel H10 Roma Citta Stars

Rome 4.5 km from city centre Score: 4.5 / 5 1948 reviews
from 37

Hotel Acropoli Stars

Rome 638 m from city centre Score: 2 / 5 627 reviews
from 10

Hotel Diana Roof Garden Stars

Rome 326 m from city centre Score: 3.5 / 5 1496 reviews
from 35

Hotel The Tribune Stars

Rome 794 m from city centre Score: 0 / 5 0 reviews
from 67

Hotel Galles Stars

Rome 887 m from city centre Score: 3.5 / 5 407 reviews
from 24

Hotel La Griffe Roma MGallery by Sofitel Stars

Rome 1.5 km from city centre Score: 4 / 5 1453 reviews
from 28

Hotel Milton Roma Stars

Rome 1.7 km from city centre Score: 4 / 5 1410 reviews
from 27

Hotel Colony Stars

Rome 5.4 km from city centre Score: 2.5 / 5 233 reviews
from 10

Hotel Ambasciatori Palace Stars

Rome 574 m from city centre Score: 4 / 5 874 reviews
from 73

Cicerone Hotel Stars

Rome 2.3 km from city centre Score: 3.5 / 5 446 reviews
from 39

Accommodations in Rome

On the banks of the river Tiber, surrounded by seven hills, lies the eternal city of Rome. Since it was first proclaimed capital of the all-mighty Roman Empire, this city has continued to develop in the widest sense of the word. Rome is basically an outdoor museum, a testament to histories punishing centuries, a cradle to to the world’s most talented minds and a treat to the body’s five senses.

Expecting all the wonders of Rome to fit into this small space would be a crime but it would be appropriate to mention some of the more essential places one should try to see in Rome, such as Piazza Navona, where you will find Bernini’s Fontana dei Fuimi and the Fontana del Moro, along with la Fontana del Nettuno of Giacomo della Porta and Saint Agnes’s Church in Agone, Borromini’s Baroque piece. Near the square of la Rotonda, one is within walking distance of the Pantheon. Built by Hadrian, one of the five good emperors, between the years 119 and 128, it contains a beautiful dome that houses the tomb of Rafael. Near Via del Corso is Rome’s most famous and majestic fountain, la Fontana de Trevi with Neptune’s statue in the centre of it.
Another interesting thing to do is to admire the view of the rooftops of Rome from the stairs of Piazza di Spagna and sit down there, like the rest of the Romans do, to chat or contemplate Bernini’s boat-shaped fountain.

Then cross the Tiber over the Sant’Angelo Bridge and enjoy the view of the Vatican hiding beyond the river together with Sant’Angelo’s Castle. The castle was built in the year 130 and has been since used as a mausoleum, fortress, prison, papal residence and is now the National Museum of the Castle. Nearby is the Vatican City with the impressive St. Peter’s square behind it and its perfectly synchronised columns, with the majestic Basilica of St.Peter that rises up with its famous dome and Michaelangelo’s La Piedad. In the palace of the Vatican lies the Sixtine Chapel, with Michaelangelo’s grandiose fresco representing Genesis plastered on the roof.

As a true example of Ancient Rome, there is no better place than the gigantic Coliseum, the Empire’s largest amphitheatre with a capacity for 50,000 people, where gladiators fought. The Coliseum has four floors and 80 arches separated by Ionic Doric and Corinthian columns on the first three floors and an undergound maze.